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Calling all K9 Units…


Click the image above to download this two piece set. You get the adorable pup and the K9 Police Badge!

We have just added a brand new digital stamp to our collection. It is the K9 Unit featuring a Pitbull! It is a new trend with the K9units to adopt a Pitbull dog for a member of their team. It is a great match.. they are very loyal dogs and are not afraid to defend.

CBS news has a great piece on New Yorks first K9 dog that is a Pitbull. “When Brad Croft was introduced to a group of abandoned shelter dogs in Kirby, Texas, one pup in particular caught his eye. A sheepish, but strong-looking pit bull named Kiah was in the corner, recovering from a brutal injury to her skull. He was told the abused dog was hit in the head with a hammer shortly before she arrived at the shelter”  Read the full story here. 



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