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Gift Card for Dad


I was introduced to fishing in my teens by my StepDad Jerry who was an avid fisherman and hunter. I loved going out on the boat and enjoying the summer sun and catching dinner. It was soo much fun. For most father’s days or birthday’s I never knew what to get him so we always got him gift cards to Gander Mountain or  a fishing shop.


Yeah.. that is me in the middle with the awesome BlueGill.

Using our new stamp set (Fishing at Phantom Lake) I created this adorable gift card holder! It is perfect for gift giving! Be sure to pick up this stamp set before Saturday April 22 at midnight and save $2.65 off each set you buy!


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  1. Love this! My dad used to take us fishing when we were very young… now I can’t stand the thought of hooking a fish…lololol.. but I’ll eat them.. hmmm…I don’t know what that says about me… love this gift card! So pretty…. I mean handsome! 🙂

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