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How To Get More Clients – Get More Customers And Clients For Your Business (7 Steps)

Getting your name out there and making your company or self stand out really is all up to you. Don’t think that just because you say “hey everyone” we are doing this.. that they will listen. It takes time and planning. LOTS of planning.
  1. Have a Plan – This doesn’t need to be to detailed,but get a notebook and start a log of what you try. It is really important to include things like: goal of the plan, who is my customer, what am I trying to sell, etc. Then you can look back at the end of the plan and make changes. I would set a end date for each plan.
  2. Ideal Customer – As you are selling/marketing make sure you track your customers. Who are they? where are they from? What are they buying. Track your top 20% and see, those folks are your ideal customers.
  3. Be Different – Don’t be different just to be different. You need to do something that will set you apart in a good way that your customer care about.
  4. Locate your Customers – How can you find them on and off line? If you are a photographer.. where would you want your customers to live? come from? What do they do for fun? Get your name in those locations so that you can have them see you often!
  5. Offer them value up front – maybe you offer a free session or blog posts. Make sure that they see that you care and want to share information.
  6. Train/Teach othersThis helps you on the way to Authority. People have a lot of respect for someone who wants to teach them something. I enjoy listening to audio books or YouTube Videos about all types of subjects. I love learning from others.
  7. Become the “Authority” THIS IS THE REAL GOAL!! You want to be looked up to in your field. Do what you need to be ready for this.
Thank you for visiting! What do you think? Where are you on these goals? Are you stuck?
Jessica Lynn
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