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Spring has arrived…Goal Time!!

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I am so ready for spring! I was thinking about what I want to do this spring!? I went and looked around the internet to see what I could find and I love Lauren Conrad‘s list! See below!  I really love some of her ideas, so I added a few to my list below!

  1. Go to Metropolis, IL: My husband is a huge Superman fan and it would be a blast! Plus we could get a lot of really fun photos of the kids and us there.
  2. Go on an impulsive weekend road trip: Love this idea.. it would be nice to get out of dodge for a little bit and just spend some time together. (so maybe 1+2 can be combined)
  3. Create a cozy patio set up for springtime entertaining: My daughter keeps asking if we can do this. We watch a lot of “home makeover shows” and she wants to be able to eat outside and get a pool in the backyard.
  4. Springify your closet:  I am currently 7+ months pregnant and I will be working on not only springing up my closet but working on getting back to my normal clothing! The goal was two babies and with this new arrival early spring.. we will be there.
  5. Hike/Geocaching: We love to get outside and hike to find geocaches. I am hoping that this summer we can do that again.
  6. Volunteer: One of my goals it to make sure that I keep my kids grounded. I want to get volunteering so that they can understand how lucky we are. Also that their Mom and Dad work for everything we have.
  7. Learn how to garden: My Grandpa had the most amazing garden that I can think of. I really want to spend a lot of time this summer working on that too! I hate that we can’t have fresh veges year around. I HATE the way they taste when they are imported.
  8. Keep Working on my Card Making Skills: It has been a goal for me this 2017.  I have been creating videos on my YouTube Channel to document this. Visit my channel here. Even my videos have been getting better!!
  9. Add a flea market addition to your home: again.. too many home shows. I love flea market flip.. (I think a lot of items on that show I would NEVER place in my home) but it does inspire me to try something new.
  10. Add a few sun kissed strands to your hair: I think I am doing to darken my hair this spring and add more really blonde highlights.. or I will go REALLY blonde and add black under. I just want to do something a little or a lot different. I mean it is only hair!

Oh, I totally forgot I guess I have an 11 too. I really want do my blog posts like this. What do you think? I love more interaction. I look forward to hearing your goals too!!!

What spring to-dos are on your bucket list?

Have you seen all of spring stamp sets? Be sure to check them out!



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