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Make A Strong Organized Start to 2017


One of the questions that I get all the time is how do I keep Family, Business, Work, etc organized for the family and myself.  For me it really helps to keep a running paper calendar (yes, I do also keep a google calendar that I share with the hubby) but I need something I can glance at write on and keep moving forward.  I have some amazing tips to get you started this 2017. I hope that they help! (Be sure to comment below with your favorite tip or maybe one that I missed)

  1. Start in your planner by adding all of the “yearly” events. Adding those “standards” is a great way to make sure that you don’t plan something that will conflict with a  day that is out of your control.
    1. Birthdays
    2. Anniversaries
    3. Holidays
    4. Taxes
  2. Color coordinate by Child or Spouse. My daughter is in ballet so all of the Celine events are always in pink. It helps me know at a quick glance who needs to be where.
  3. If you are adding in assignments/ items with a due date be sure to add something that allows you to complete them. Maybe you draw a line through them, I love to have check boxes, it keeps the planner looking nice and it makes me feel like I have finished something.
  4. Review the calendar daily. I mean this. Start your day with 10 mins of review and adding items it. It saves me 100% of the time from the “.. oh did I get that dones?”
  5. Use planner/calendar stamps or stickers. We offer a full line of planer stamps at our website, but some people love the stickers. It gives you the freedom to be creative and change the look of the calendar all the time. I suggest it. I have seen some amazing planners that are themed each week. ( I personally don’t have that much time) but they are amazing!

I hope that this gets you started! Happy 2017 and Happy Planning!


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