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Happy Holidays Christmas Bingo (Download, Print, Color, Cut, Paste, And Play) Great Interactive Game With Your Kids

I am sooo excited to share this new project that I created today. It is a digital download of my hand drawn BINGO board.


  1. Purchase the listing and download the PDF document
  2. Print the PDF documents (2 pages = 1 BINGO card)
  3. Have your children color in each square
  4.  Cut them apart and allow your children to paste down the squares and create their own board.
  5. Print an extra (not colored in) version of the square for you to use to pull the fields.

Play and have a great time!

Suggestion: You might even want to have the paper laminated so you can play over and over and over again for years to come. It is all about building memories.. so enjoy!



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