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What is your Geocaching Role?


DSC_7996Living in Wisconsin we really have an open season for Geocaching. Don’t get me wrong you can do in the winter. (We have done it.. and had to get our car towed back out of the deeper than it looked snow) Spring/Summer have finally arrived in Wisconsin and see took our daughter out geocaching for the first time! She loved it. The photo of the lake is Phantom Lake in Muskego Wisconsin. This cache was at the end of a dead end street overlooking the lake. It was so beautiful.

Our Geocaching Stats: (at publishing this we are at 351)
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So what do I mean by Geocaching types? Well there is the planner, the GPS, the driver, the finder, the photographer, and more! Each role helps the team in their quest for geocaching glory. Which of these are you?

  • PLANNER – This is the person who takes the time to plot out all of the locations for the day. I am almost always the planner for our event. I will find the location and and plan the day around the caches. This could include: caches, places that we are thinking about eating. I often try and find a small amazing place that we would have never found in the city.


    My husband is the ‘hound dog’ of our team. This is him out hunting down the actual cache.

  • GPS – This person will be the holder of the GPS for both the car and when we are looking for the cache. We used to own a special tracker for this, but now with the technology as amazing as it is.. we use our cell phones.  I love this because I can take screen shots of the “added” caches and photos of the family having a great time.
  • HOUND DOG –  The hound dog is the person in your caching group who is actually hunting out the cache. This is always my husband. He loves it when I say.. ok we are here. I always have this vision of him (in my head) like I am sending him out to find the fox or something. He gets so focused and like he is on a mission. When he finds it he does bark or anything , but he does always turn around and yell FOUND IT!. (close enough)
  • (MINI) MUGGLE WRANGLER – This is the person who runs around and gets people looking at the party  like.. “What are those weirdos doing??” There is always one in every Geocaching party. They are the person is not good at being quiet or they are loud even when they are quiet.
  • FIRST RESPONDER (aka F2F) – First to find all the time! I have a few of these friends who I think have an alarm set on their phone that when a new cache is published they have the Batmobile ready to go.. ready to get the cache first! In my neighborhood there are two people who I always see as the F2F. 🙂
  • INVENTOR – this is that friend who gets hooked on geocaching who spends more time creating new caches for people find then they do looking for them. There is a guy in Milwaukee who has created more than 300 caches. I love these people, but I CAN NOT imagine having to monitor all of these caches. What happens when a bad storm happens and there are 250 of them with maintenance symbols?
  • LONE WOLF – The Lone Wolf is that friend you have that has thousands of geocaches and they are usually the one who introduces the newbies. They are the one who travels all over the country and has more than thirty states of caching under their belt.  I only have one friend like this.. she has traveled the country and she got my mom and I both hooked on this.
  • TB HOARDER – This person owns a Travel Bug hotel or you think they might. Their goal is to see how much they can live by their bugs traveling the country/world. We have started a few travel bugs and my mom even has a travel bug on her car!
  • PHOTOGRAPHER – If you don’t have one of these in your party I can NOT express enough how important this is. You don’t have to be a pro, but you do have to document this. We have a shutterfly book that we put together of us geocaching and it is a blast. We talk about all of the fun things we saw and memories. Each “trip” our we make sure to take a little time to document the day.

He loves finding them. We always take a photo of the cache so that we have a here it is image. You can really make an amazing photo book with these images.

If you have any questions about geocaching or putting together a photo book of your day send me a message. I would love to talk to you more about this! It is a such a great time!


Some amazing Geocaching Items:

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    I do a little bit of this all and more. But I never use a GPS, instead I rely upon the clues. It is far better practice for my observational and detective skills than relying upon mere technology to make a discovery.

    Only a couple of times have I been unable to locate a cache through the written and/or surrounding environmental clues and in both cases I suspect the cache had already been abandoned, moved, or destroyed.

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