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Why We Love Custom (And You Should, Too!)


This bride wanted original center piece that would have a vintage feel to them. We worked with her to design the art and she and her bridesmaids had a crafting day to make over thirty of these amazing pieces.

Many moons ago when I was planning my wedding  I thought that I would have to spend a fortune on invites, RSVP cards, Favor, and more. Well, long and short I did. I wish that the world would have had the number of options that it does now.

Remember this was well before I started the small business that I own now (JessicaLynnOriginal)

My fiancee and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to use our printer to create items we could include in our invitations and save some money. We spent a lot on ink and paper and never really go what we wanted.  It was a shame that I didn’t start my business sooner. 

Well, fast forward and today I work with hundreds of brides to create items for their big day. I work with them to use our generated design, their hand drawings,  or custom art depending on their needs.  The first thing that I do is work with them on the theme of their stamps. Is it a downtown top hats and tails kind of event, or down on the farm with fireflies? We create and proof out the designs for the brides. We are able to create custom rubber stamps for our brides that you can use for all of these “traditional” items. Costs range from $12.95 up over a hundred based on the size of the stamp you are looking for.


We created this boy and girl silhouettes for our requesting bride. One she got the stamp she made these amazing and formal table cards. Southern Weddings Magazine picked up this image from her and featured it.

My husband and I are close to our 14th anniversary this July and we talk about the theme of our wedding all the time which I suppose should have been “What everyone else thinks we should do”. It was a beautiful wedding, but we didn’t really focus on our likes and wants. We joke that if we did it again today, it would be a renaissance version of Flynn Rider and Rapunzel. Under the stars in a wooded (no bugs) type area.  Ah.. we all can dream.. You know what. If you are a bride and you are reading this DREAM BIG. Make this wedding day the day that you will look back on with amazing memories.

We wish you all the best of luck! Happy Planning! 


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