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CRS#4 – Cat saves the world…

We were able to work with new children’s author Melody Lane Walsh (Author). She wrote the children’s book “Cat saves the World” which was published January 22, 2015. We love being part of her journey.. we were hired to create her a custom rubber stamp based on the images on “Catherine’s Shirt” on the cover of the book.

I was able to reproduce the design. I tried to keep it looking like the image on the shirt. Melody just contacted us with this photo and said I took a picture of your awesome stamp with my children’s book. I plan on stamping all my books when I do signings for the kids! Thanks again!”  We loved working with her and look forward to seeing her journey!

Click on the photo to learn more about the book.


Her name’s Catherine, but her daddy just calls her Cat. Cat may be little, but she has big plans: she wants to save the world!

Every day Cat comes up with a new way to save the world, and every day her daddy tells her she just might, one day. But while Cat has plenty of plans for making the world a better place, she never tries to do any of them. They’re all for when she grows up. She doesn’t know how to save the world right now.

Cat’s daddy realizes this, and on one special day decides to teach Cat saving the world doesn’t always mean making huge changes. Sometimes little acts of kindness make all the difference in the world.


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