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Custom Stamp Weekend – Blog Hop

I am sure that you know we create clear stamps but did you know that we also create custom rubber stamps too?

Working with your logo?  Maybe you are looking for a less expensive way to help build your brand.  I would suggest that you start by stamping your logo or at least a link to your website on everything that you ship out.


I started by using my logo as a JPG then I converted it and created a handled rubber stamp. I use it everywhere!

(including the item if possible) If you have a logo you can email it to me to see if it will work, or you can order the stamp and attach the logo. If there are issues with it, I will follow up with you via email.

— Resolution
Acceptable artwork resolution is 300 DPI and is the absolute lowest resolution we can accept. (Submitting artwork at 600+ DPI is highly recommended.) Anything less would result in an undesirable stamping quality. The larger the image the better the stamp. If you need help formatting your art or logo we’ll be glad to help. Preferred formats are JPG, BMP, and PDF.

Need a custom logo or drawing?
Not only can you brand your items, but we can draw out something original for your cards, scrapbook pages, and crafting needs. We do offer custom design services. Just know that this can add extra time & cost to your stamp because we will need to get all of the specs for your request and have time to draw/design this out. If you are looking for custom art contact me for costs. I am hoping to add those to our listing soon. I personally draw all of the art that you see on our stamps so I am sure I can draw something for you.

We have our Design Team’s final assignment for this term. It was to contact me and suggest a custom stamp that they would like. Some of them required drawing others required typography. I am so excited to share their results. I hope that you enjoy and BE SURE to visit each blog and comment! They love to hear from you. 

BTW – Do you want to join our Design Team? We have an open roll until May 31st!! Sign up today.




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