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In Memory of a Loved One….

What I love about this set is that there are so many different things that you can use this jar for: weddings, funerals, halloween cars, candy, you name it. It really allows you the opportunity to be creative with it.

Why do people burn candles for a death? Manifold reasons -one here: flame symbolizes the soul, the burning, the remembered life which has spent, and the seeing the candle brings a call to remembrance. 

2015-03-24_10-01-08I wanted to create a Sympathy card that wasn’t sad, but a sign up hope and love. I used the Mason Jar stamp and then the tealight Candle. I had to do some masking so that the candle lines wouldn’t show up on the jar lines.

Then I used the Copic Markers to color in the jar. I saw on Pinterest that there are a group of people who are dying the jars different colors and I thought the blue was beautiful. I colored in the jar with the flame from the candle and its glow. I feel that was very successful.

Then I used the punch from Lil’Inkers which was the first time I have used cuts from them. They were great!  I love that simple stitch line around the image. Finally I took ink and distressed the white paper. I mounted it on black cardstock and used foam risers to show it off.

I love this card. What do you think?

Keep Moving Forward,



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