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Part Five: Getting Ready for Craft Fair Season – Days before the Show…


Let’s continue where we left off.. before any show I always make myself a checklist that includes all of the things that I will need for packing the card, prepping the inventory, and then one for at the event. It helps be stay focused and stress-less during the event.


  • Set up your booth at home: Do a dry run. It is really important you have a plan for the day of the event.  You can make sure that everything fits and has a place to show off for the customers. The other great part about this is that you can take three or four photos (really close up) and call it a sneak peek of the items they will see. You can tease the customers with your amazing items on social media.
  • Visit your social media and get your event/items promoted. So you took the time to set up the booth at home.. show it off. I would NOT suggest just a photo of the WHOLE booth. Think about it like Superman. They show is logo and then you build up the whole person.  When you take the sneak peek photos  they should be close ups of an item of two, then the day of the event make sure you post a photo of the whole booth. (helps them find you that day)
  • Pack up your car and fill it with gas the night before: Then when you get up in the morning you can head right to the event. Why wait, just get it done and you will be ready. Plus if you get their early you could get a better parking spot etc. 
  • Plan your wardrobe: I would try on your outfit a few days ahead of the event, walk around in your shoes, and prep for anything else you need that day. The last event that we went to I created T-shirts from Zazzle and I printed a HUGE QR Code on the back of them. It was just a fun day.. we had a lot of people scanning us to see our website.  (side note: if you do that.. be sure to create a special “landing page” for those customers. It could say Welcome Craft Fair Friend.. or something)
  • Test your Cell Phone coverage in that location!! This is HUGE! I can not stress enough how if you do not do this it could RUIN your whole event. I attended an event that was at a huge state fair building and the location had horrible coverage. I had been planning on using my cell phone to process credit cards and I was so happy I tested it out. When I go there that morning I knew that it wouldn’t work and I had made other arrangement to use my best friend’s cell phone that did have good coverage in that location. It was one of my biggest sale days ever so I am so happy I took the time to test that out.
  • Prep for your next event: – I found this amazing website that lists all of the events around the world. Just because you booked one doesn’t mean you are done. Keep going book more!! get your products out there!

Until next time – Keep Moving Forward!

Jessica Lynn

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