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Spending time with a Kindergarten class and Brentwood Owl©


On April 29th I was able to spend time with the kindergarten class in Mequon,Wisconsin. It was so much fun to share my dream and passion for art and my stamp company with the future.. they were so adorable and in love with our Brentwood Owl©. We had a conversation about small business vs. big business vs. independent.  I had two kids who said their dream was to draw and paint when they grow up.

I started by teaching the kids how to draw a penguin and a cartoon chewy. They loved it and I was floored by the amazing art and talent of these little ones! They were so inspiring to me!  Once we had our line art I explained that this is the first step for my company. Sometimes I need to draw something five, ten. a hundred times before I get the perfect art. From there I moved on to having them test the art. I brought in this adorable Brentwood Owl© wearing a T-shirt (we had this as a digital stamp for a few months)  Each inspired child colored him in and added something fun to his t-shirt.  The image on the right Brentwood Owl© is wearing a T-Rex on his shirt and it is eating carrots.

Finally we created handmade cards for someone they love. We made them for their brothers, sisters, grandma, mom, dad, and cousins. It was so sweet watching them create cards for the ones they love. I brought in a bunch of rubber stamps so they could see how they use them to made a card. I couldn’t show them the stamp making process (too timely) BUT we talked about the process and looked at photos.

I am soo excited that we were able to get our owl out to the kids to finally meet him. We have some grand plans for him and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

Keep Moving Forward,

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