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Part Three: Getting Ready for Craft Fair Season – Things to Avoid

When you starting thinking about planning for your show there are some easy things that you can do to make sure that you have wonderful results. Be sure to take a little time and make sure that you are ready for these few pieces.

Not Telling your customers where to find out after the show: I can not stress how important it is to make sure that you keep your customers in the loop. They need to know how to find you. Odds are people are are going to ask where they got an item. Be sure to have lots of 68b12a4fdb01d1229ecf5c0ed1744a6cbusiness cards, flyers, handouts, and branding. Next week I will be talking about branding and some simple things you can do to get your name/logo out there. I always have business cards and I am working on making some free takeaway stamps they will include my name and company information. I also usually have a large QR Code sign at the front of my station. Please note that my booths have evolved and they are always a work in progress. The photos on this post are from 6 years ago – this was my first major event. I learned a lot about it.

2) Hiding behind the table: You need to remember that you are ON STAGE! You are the show, if you are sad because there have not been a lot of sales and you hide behind the products you shouldn’t have wasted your time at the event. The buyers want to meet you and get to know the person behind the crafts! Take the time to tell stories and where you are hoping to go next!  At my booth I need to watch for that because I sell stamps ( and I have been using the Peg Boards to display them. Those boards are tall and they can easy to hide behind for a quick drink of water or snack, but I make it an effort NEVER to hang out there. I want to get out the word on my stamps and that I want to share my story.

3) Too much variety: Sometimes tooo much is just TOO MUCH! Really try and keep your store organized and set. Really focus on what you are goal is and what those buyers are going to want. I am not saying that you shouldn’t bring other items but make sure that your booth looks like it all goes together.  Also make sure that you move items around and keep the stock looking fresh. People see it once and they see it again and it looks the same, they might not care.

I always think of this when I go to the Wisconsin State Fair. It is always the same booths and they look the same. Honestly I think some of them are the same from when I was kid. I have some that I know will always be there. They are not very creative but they make money. 

I like to give people space to look at shop. Sometimes I do all three tables
sometimes only two. I do like to keep one person in front for sales/questions
and one in the back for sales and restock. This isn’t the perfect layout
be sure to look around and get ideas from other vendors,too!

4) Bad Set up: Yes.. look at my photos. I added those photos on purpose. They are ok, I am showing off the stamps, but for being a creative business – when it came to my layout of the tables I did horrible.  Maybe fair at best.. I did have the stamps hanging, but there is so much space that I could have filled with layers of items and sample cards and items. I always think of my booth (NOW) as another form of my creative ideas. I start with a small flow chart so I can start building out my pieces just like a wedding has a plan, or a movie has a costume design who draws out the costume. Same thing.  Honestly if you take a little time and really do it up, you will stand out. So many people do just what I did my first few events. (see photos above)

5)  Leaving the event early: NEVER EVER DO THIS! It makes you look bad with the organizers of the event and with the customers who want to shop with you. I have actually gotten many sales at the end of a fair because people take a walk around before they invest. If they only have $40 to spend at the fair then they need to make sure they choose wisely. Plus if you do this some events will NOT invite you back to their show again in the future. 

We can’t wait to share our post with you next week!

Keep Moving Forward,


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