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Part Two: Getting Ready for Craft Fair Season “Getting Paid”

The very first show that we did was “before” the dawn of the instant swipe on your credit card. Do I even dare say that! We actually had to stop at the bank and get cash and lots of change!! Wow.. that seems like a lifetime ago. Just the idea of my husband and carrying all of that cash and the days when we didn’t have enough change. Thank you for the instant swipers!

There are a lot of options and I would suggest that you really do your homework on this one. Save yourself money.. do the work.  There are many companies that are now offering it: Paypal, Square,  Etsy, and more. Each of them have their own benefits and cons.

Usually with the swipers you really need to be careful if you have to manually “type” in the credit card numbers. That is called a “Manual” process and they always charge you more for those. As a small business you really want to just swipe and go at all costs. It might not seem like a lot of extra money, but it adds up! 

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If you only sell on Etsy you may want to consider getting the Etsy Swipe. It works with their new app and it allows you to set up merchandise on your site and have the “buyer” order it from your site. It uses their credit card processes system and automatically deposits into your bank account.

With their card reader and updated seller app, items sold in person get captured in your Etsy Shop Stats, and your online inventory will adjust in real-time. Even if buyers pay with cash.

Just 2.75% per Swipe: There’s no Etsy transaction fee for sales made in person, and no listing fees for Quick Sales. Manual card entry costs 3% + 25¢ per sale.

       At the time of this blog post –  I have not used this version at a craft fair. I have tested it out a little. I do have one just in case. I do like the idea of it pulling from my inventory, but I am not sure it if allows the user to leave feedback or anything else. My only concern is if it becomes a normal item that they could report it as an item they never got. You wouldn’t have tracking from the show.. so? Again.. I have not done full testing on this one yet. If you have used it please leave feedback about it below, actually feedback for any of them would be great!


With PayPal Here, you’ll see who’s selling, what’s selling, and when it sold. Customize reports by date, sales person, payment type, items purchased and more – all in a couple of clicks. Your report is ready in seconds.

Just 2.7% per Swipe. No hidden costs. Keyed transactions 3.5% + $0.15: Manually enter a card number or scan a card, at a 3.5% transaction fee plus $0.15.

       The nice part about the Paypal version is that you can easily use your phone or iPad without a lot of programming. It will email the user the receipt which is great. Personally I do offer Paypal as an option for my buyers because it has become a known name. The ebay company did a great job building that brand up so now that they are on their own they have continued to Keep Moving Forward.  I personally don’t love Paypal only because of the limited time frame for their reports, but it is great option.


  • Personalize receipts and get feedback from your customers.
  • Accept and keep track of cash, checks, or any other payment.
  • Set custom taxes and discounts.
  • Create Register menu items for every piece of clothing.
Never miss a sale and get paid fast.

Pay the same low rate of 2.75% for swiping any card. Send invoices for wholesale purchases, post custom items online, and see money in your account the next business day.

Just 2.75% per SwipeNo hidden costs. Keyed transactions 3.5% + $0.15: Manually enter a card number or scan a card, at a 3.5% transaction fee plus $0.15

       Ok, this is my FAVORITE of the three in case you couldn’t tell. I LOVE everything about Square. They make my company look like one of the big boys. I have been working on building up my “catalog” within their system so when someone buys from my booth at a fair they will get the receipt which will include all of the products names, items numbers, and photo of each. Let’s about looking professional. 

       They also offer a “Feedback” system that includes how the customer feeds about their products. (see the image on the right) I love this. After people get home with their stamps I love to hear what they think of them!  They are the same costs as Etsy, but I feel like for the money you get a lot more than the other two. This is the one that I am using at this point.

I hope that this post inspired you to get ready for your craft fair! If you are going to accept credit cards/ debit cards at your booth be sure to post a sign that says that you accept those forms of payments. This will do two things for you: one – people might spend a little more than they would with cash only. two – get those hard to get sales from people like me who hate to carry cash.  If they have to ask if you accept credit cards you might have already lost that sale. Some people don’t like to talk to the vendors they just want to shop.

If you have never thought about using one of the swipe options you may want to consider it. I don’t make money off this post (UNLESS you buy one of my amazing stamps). All of the comments are just my feedback on using or reviewing these options.

Using a swipe option is much safer for you. You don’t have to worry about all that cash in your apron or box. Why have to worry about where you set that down when you are loading up the car. Now the only thing you will want to verify is that you have a connection with your cell phone or iPad in the location of your booth.  (We have also had that be an issue for us) – but that is a separate post.

If you move forward with any of the three make sure you order it in enough time to test it out and get your bank account added. Usually 2-3 days before is enough time, but you might want to practice and make sure that it flows the way that you are expecting it to. You want to make sure that you have the process down so when a customer comes your way you are not like “This is new to me.. um.. duh” your credibility goes down and they might not want to buy from you. Think about that new cashier thing when you go shopping at the big box store. In a craft fair environment if you take too long to ring someone up you could lose someone else. 


Keep Moving Forward,


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