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Part One: Getting Ready For Craft Fair Season “The Booth”


This image was from our first craft fair. We had no idea what we were doing. I wish I would have had this guide to help out!

With spring right around the corner I thought it would be fun offer some suggestions and tips that have helped me prep for craft fairs. I am hoping to do a few of them this summer to really get my stamps out into the world. I challenge you to also get your products out there.

I have created a multi-part blog post where we will look at what it takes to make an amazing craft fair experience for your guests! This was originally posted in 2015 and I am revisiting many parts of this for my viewers and for my new blog! I hope that you enjoy reading this and learning.

Put Time into Table Design
It is more important that you might think. Trust me.. I know. My very first craft show was in Oak Creek, Wisconsin at the Winter Christmas show they do the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We were still trying to figure out all of this and how to even run a show. Ok, I will share a photo of how bad our first booth was. It was me and my husband in matching shirts and no other naming, a box of cards, a box of stamps, and his crafts.(See the image in black/white above) Well it wasn’t horrible, but it was 2005 and we were just starting this company out. We also didn’t accept credit cards (We will talk about this soon) and it was our fun little hobby. Cash only is a BAD WAY to go. I can tell you I NEVER carry cash at the shows, at least I didn’t at that time.

4-25-2016 10-27-42 AMMy booth is VERY different now. We have a logo banner, stamp boards {they allow our stamps to hang} helps the shoppers, and some decor pieces! I am working on a revamp for this summer! I will share more updated photo at that time.

What should go into a good booth? 
Well, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your booth shine at the show. I would suggest starting with a rough drawing or sketch of your idea. Search Google for the ones that you like the most and incorporate your favorite ideas into your booth. Your booth should easily identify what you sell and your logo. People should be able to figure out what you offer quick! You might only have a few seconds for someone to choose yes or no to a visit to your booth.

Make it more than a White Tent/Table: When you look at some of the options that I pinned there are a few vendors that added banners, flags, and their company name banner.
    1. Pops of Color: make your booth stand out.
    2. Nice traffic flow: The only concern that I would be careful of is making the space too tight. Sometimes buyers don’t want to be packed in. Plus it makes it hard to watch for those who just “walk away” with your products. You will want to look at the location of your booth and watch for the “flow” of traffic so they can see your items.
    3. Covered Shade: for you , your products,and your guests. Honestly working in the hot summer sun will really make you more exhausted then you think. I know after a full day any craft fair I am exhausted. It is a rush and also it drains you.
    4. Easy to shop displays: Depending on what you are selling how to do you showcase it in the best light? Make your product easy  to see for your guests. I love to try and create levels for my guests to review. Never just lay everything flat on the table.
      1. If there is a lot of traffic only a few people can see. Think about being in a movie theater. If everyone was on a flat floor you might night be able to see past the tall people.
Pulling it all together
Think about your booth like a birthday party for your child. Choose the theme and stick with it. You may want to purchase some items that are generic enough to be pulled out every year to match your theme that summer. Those items might include: Chalk board, white boards, display holders (racks, shelves, etc)  Have fun with it, this is your time to show off your creative bug.. run with it!Question to you! 

  • What do you look for in a good booth design?
  • What would make you stop and shop?

Jessica Lynn 

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