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Proper branding is critical to any Business

 When you think about Target what is the first thing that you think of? Bullseye… you got it! That is branding. They want you to notice that logo and have you associate it with them. I personally always think Target when people I know dress in a red shirt and khakis. Or if I walk into the store dressed like that I usually end up with a few customers of theirs asking for assistance.

Why shouldn’t a small business do the same!? But you don’t have to hire someone to design a one of a kind logo (yet) you can just focus on the name of your company or a small design. Remember with a small business it is all about the baby steps.

The stamp that I created above is for magicalexpressions. They produce photography art that can sometimes take a beating in the mail. They opted for a stamp that included their name and their message! Love it! Why not.. and heck stamp it all over the place.. make sure people know that .. 1) hey. don’t bend it.. and 2) that MagicalExpressions is asking it!

When I say stamp it everywhere I mean it! Letters, order forms, mailing packages, post it notes, if it is an open spot.. STAMP IT!

What will you gain from this? Name recognition .. you want people to say oh yeah.. I got that item from…” YOUR COMPANY HERE” rather than.. I don’t know.. I got it from some online website. That is the difference.  The stamp that we created for MagicalExpressions was a custom self inking stamp so they never have to look for ink. We do offer that stamp using your logo or idea on our Website (click here) to view our small business options!

What do you do to Brand out your small business? I love hearing your creative ideas.

Have a great weekend,

Jessica Lynn

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