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Oprah Magazine – February 2012 Issue

One of the greatest feelings in the world is when you spend many years working with customers to create custom stamps for their weddings, baby showers, or small businesses and they send you a note to say Thank You. It is all about trying to help with their dream or idea.

I love working for and with my creative customers. They are constantly inspiring me to try and create new things and to push my business to the next level.

JessicaLynnOriginal, LLC & (both are the same business) are featured in the February 2012 Issue of Oprah Magazine. It is such an amazing honor that I am very thankful for. It was a Friday afternoon when I was contacted by them to see if there was any way that I could have two or three custom designed stamps to their office inNew York. I emailed them back and asked if I would have someone that I could work with over the weekend to get the proofs approved. They assured me that they would be there to answer any questions that I might have had. I spent the weekend designing the stamps and getting approval. Aaron, my husband, packed them up on Tuesday and got them out of the house to their photo shoot in NY the next day.

I got an email from the ladies in the office that the stamps had arrived safe and sound and they were currently waiting for their turn. All I could image was my adorable stamps sitting there in the VIP Green Room, drinks in hand, relaxing and waiting to be called. I just had to draw out what I was picturing (see photo to the right).

They told me that the stamps looked amazing and that we were going to be in the February Issue of the Oprah Magazine. I can not tell you home much it means to me to be recognized for the amount of work that goes into a small business.

The stamps above are the five designs that were sent off to the magazine for review and consideration. All of these stamps are on my website:

Going from left to right: Top Row:

Oprah’s Cocker spaniel with a quote:  I love to draw out animals. I have two amazing dogs (Strider & Evee) whom I just adore. They are my fuzzy kids. I knew that I wanted to draw something that would showcase my skills.

Megaphone: They were looking for this custom hand-drawn megaphone. When we first started designing I thought they wanted a “bull-horn” – LOL. I drew up a few versions and this is the great design that they approved.

Flowers with My Mom’s name: My mother has been an amazing inspiration to me my whole life. She is one of the greatest people that I know.  She is always putting others first. The ladies at Oprah gave me the option for the names to add to the stamps and I knew the first one HAD TO BE Debbie.

Wedding Swirl Name: Normally the stamp with the name in the fancy swirl letter is one that I use for brides and grooms for their Save the Dates or for Goody Bags. But, I really love it with the single name…it would be perfect to place your name inside of your favorite books.

Handmade By: The next stamp features two of my sisters (Tracey & Kim). I just love the two of them so much and I wanted them to know that even though we are all grown up, I still remember every minute of our time together – mornings before school, listening to the Backstreet Boys, concerts, Weddings, Band Concerts, Disney trips –  they are my sisters and I just love them.

Thank you to all of my customers, friends, clients and future customers. I know that owning a small business is all about the climb – it is all about learning what you did wrong and what you did good and keep moving forward.

If you are interested, this Oprah Magazine is currently on newsstands and you can pick up a copy of it!

Thank you all.
Jessica Lynn 

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