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Are you ready for some football? Go Packers!

When I was 18 I would have never told you that I LOVE to spend my Sunday afternoons watching Football.. ever. But now I am totally hooked. I think it was because I didn’t understand what an audible, direct snap, down by contact, fair catch, or any other call was for that matter. My husband spent a lot of time when we first started dating trying to teach me all about the game. Fast forward many years later and I am hooked. I will even watch random teams that I have no clue who is on them. My personal favorites are the Green Bay Packers (home state team) and the Tennessee Titans (showing some love for Nashville).

In March my best friend and I took a trip up to Green Bay, Wisconsin and took a tour of Lambeau Field. It was worth the drive.. if you have never been to on this tour and you even like football.. WOW! There is a part of the tour that you get to see the amazing private boxes and the best part is the run through the tunnel. By the time you get to the field you feel like you ARE a GB Packer and you are ready for game day!

  • What teams are you cheering on today!?
  • This season?

Have a great day, Jessica Lynn

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